The Academy M Story


Academy M’s founder – Dahru F. Garner began mentoring young adults in 1995. One of those individuals was his nephew Khufere Qhamata. Dahru’s passion for helping people grew from an undeniable commitment and selflessness to see people reach their true potential. His true pleasure comes from watching the people he has mentored succeed in life. After several years of direct and encouraging conversations with his nephew, a seed was planted that would eventually lead to the birth of Academy M.

In 2014, his wife Natasha Eustache-Garner and his nephew Khufere Qhamata began urging him to rediscover his passion for helping people. It took Dahru a couple of years to answer that call. During that time of intense thought and preparation he researched the behaviors and methodology for helping the Millennial Generation secure their place in history by becoming one of the greatest generations to ever live. This decision did not come lightly for him.

Through heavy thought and consideration, Dahru began his journey in 2016, toward establishing Academy M as a nonprofit for life development organization. Academy M launched officially December 31st, 2016 (new year's eve) as a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit.  

How We Live The Mission


Mission: Academy M seeks to help millennials find their true mission in life and career, helping them to become the greatest generation in human history.


First, Academy M will establish strong mentor/mentee relationships through its mentoring programs.

Second,  Academy M will help millennials maximize their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses through education.

Third, Academy M will to show millennials how to create work/life integration by guiding them toward a balanced lifestyle.

Fourth, Academy M will help millennials discover their true purpose in life.