IslamInSpanish Curve Evaluation


Welcome to the IslamInSpanish dedicated Millennial Curve Evaluation test page. The questions you are about to answer will help IslamInSpanish better understand your relationship with technology, the world wide web and current socio-political issues unique to your personal life experience. This information with be shared with IslamInSpanish to help it enhance its nonprofit programs.

After completing this evaluation test you will immediately receive your test results via email and on your device screen. Your test results will show you whether or not, or to what degree, your everyday behaviors and mental capacity have been shaped through your experiences in the Millennial era. Use the information below to understand your score.

Common Questions

What Is The Millennial Curve?

The Millennial Curve Evaluation is a psychological experience test developed to measure Millennial and Non-Millennial experiences in relationship to technology, internet connectivity, social media, and pop culture.

How Does The Curve Help IslamInSpanish?

By taking the Curve Evaluation, you will help IslamInSpanish become more creative and collaborative, and aid in helping IslamInSpanish become more effective in how it communicates its message to Millennials and Non-Millennial generations.

How Does The Curve Work?

The Curve measures how a person's behavior has been developed or adapted to experiences unique to their life, but commonly shared across different races and cultures. Those experiences are measured in what we call "Experience Quadrants." The quadrants on the Curve are internet experience, social media experience, and cultural experience. Each quadrant measures and scores a person's experiences against commonly shared experiences (inter-sectional points) in that quadrant. Measuring experiences are key in understanding how humans, specifically Millennials, relate to one another.



Millennial Curve Score Categories:

Once you receive your score, please use the scoring criteria below to discover what millennial category your thinking falls under.

Centennial Category 1 (2 - 62) Unclassified millennial. An individual exhibiting the predominant beliefs, traits, and behaviors of one of the last two generations of the 1900's (i.e Generation X, Baby Boomers). Displaying little to no signs of device dependency. Social connectivity is low or irregular. Primary beliefs influenced by childhood experiences devoid of high internet or technology exposure. Essential personal traits and beliefs formed by family traditions, religion, class and ethnic culture (i.e. nationality, race, tribes etc). Primary behavior is non-millennial. 

Alpha Millennials Category 2 (63 -79). First regular limited exposure to the internet beginning at 18 yrs old or before 21yrs. Full regular exposure to the internet reaches maturity during adulthood or before 25. Social connectivity is not frequent or regular with social media. Dependency on device connectivity is moderate. Exhibits beliefs influenced by a childhood devoid of exposure to the internet or social connectivity, but strongly connected or influenced by traditional media, culture and family tradition.

Beta Millennials Category 3 (80- 99). First regular limited exposure to the internet beginning at 10 yrs old or before puberty. Full regular exposure to the internet reaches maturity in adolescence or before 18 yrs old. Dependency on device connectivity is high. Social connectivity is regular ( daily or five days a week). Exhibits beliefs influenced by a pre-adolescent upbringing heavily exposed to the internet, social connectivity, pop culture and online media. 

Delta Millennials Category 4 (100 - 123). First regular limited exposure to the internet beginning at 3 yrs old or before 6yrs. Full regular exposure to the internet reaching maturity in childhood or before 10 yrs old. Social connectivity is obsessive (multiple times per hour or day). High device dependency, seeing their devices as essential or necessary for living or surviving. Exhibits beliefs influenced by an early childhood overly exposed to the internet, social connectivity, sub pop cultures and online media.

This evaluation is being administered by Academy M on behalf of IslamInSpanish. The phrasing and/or wording of the questions and answers do not reflect the views or opinions of IslamInSpanish.